Equipment Sales and Repair

Tornado Vacuum

Equipment choices impact a custodial department far more than some people realize. Given today's budgetary and labor situation it has never been more important to select the right equipment from the right distributor.

At Davis Products we provide the best equipment for each situation by assessing your individual needs. Then, we offer ongoing support and training from our staff in order to maximize your investment.

Unlike many in our industry today, we perform all repairs in our facility. By doing so, costs are controlled, warranty considerations are determined locally, and turnaround time is in our hands, not a second party who may be unaware of the end user's situation.

Productivity is a factor of cost and quality. A well planned equipment purchase combined with a training program and a proper schedule, produces noticeable results in both appearance and cost control.

At Davis Products we can guide you through this process, regardless of your facility's size or needs. Please contact us at (985) 732-2783 and tell us your situation. In return, you will receive an honest assessment of your options to take your cleaning program to the next level.